Why Newly Born Babies Can't Talk and Other Stories (Children books) (Tales by Twilight 2)

Why Newly Born Babies Can't Talk and Other Stories (Children books) (Tales by Twilight 2)
Language English
Author: King Samuel Benson
Goodreads Rating: 4.67
Pages: 14
Published: September 10th 2013 by Kingstar Digital Publishing
Genre: Uncategorized

A very educative and compelling read! This is the second collection in bestselling author King Samuel Benson's 'Tales by Twilight' children book series, a collection of African folktales aimed at helping young readers understand the hidden secrets and motivation behind the African beliefs and culture. In these three short tales, King Samuel Benson imbibes a wealth of knowledge, unbiased sentiments and a heart-touching relativity, all in a unique writing style that not only educates you but also thrills and entertains you. To understand why newly born babies can't talk and lots more other mysteries that seem too overwhelming to the human mind, this book is a must-read! - EbooksReloaded.com Reviews Why Newly Born Babies Can't Talk and Other Stories are folk stories that are as old as time itself. They have been carefully re-written to suit a more modern audience. Clearly written, easy to understand, and immensely entertaining. These short tales take you through a plethora of emotions and leaves you feeling well-refreshed and informed at the end.

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