Puppy Love and Peanut Butter (Soaring Bird #3)

Puppy Love and Peanut Butter (Soaring Bird #3)
Author: Heidi Hutchinson
Goodreads Rating: 0.00
Published: 2017
Genre: Uncategorized

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This is especially true if you have recently eaten onions. Bo Samson has a secret. He's a closet masochist. Okay, maybe not, but he is worried about his unique ability to continually piss off the most beautiful woman in the world over and over again, thus guaranteeing her perpetual hatred of him and eliminating any chance he may otherwise have at making her his own. To compound his misery, he is cursed with the knowledge of knowing exactly what he is missing due to one unbelievable and secret summer they had shared following graduation from high school. Spencer Clementine has a secret. The most stable and predictable relationship in her life is the torturous one with Bo Samson. For fifteen years he has made her life miserable. Except for the “Summer of Which They Did Not Speak.” All she wants out of life is to be loved.

When she says it out loud, it sounds even more pathetic than it does in her head.

She surfs, she hangs out with her friends, she's a fitness coach. These are things she does, but they aren't who she is. As the years and failed relationships slip by, she begins to wonder if being herself is even worth it. That all changed when she makes a fateful call to the one man who has been a constant in her life. Bo shows up without question, setting off a chain of events revealing an undeniable truth: they're at their best when they're together. PG16 for language, emotional baggage, self-doubt, light heat, and intense thematic elements