Stochasticity: A METAtropolis Story

Stochasticity: A METAtropolis Story
Language English
Author: Tobias S. Buckell
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: November 10th 2016 by Xenowealth, LLC
Genre: Uncategorized

A disturbing, science fiction vision of the possible future of post rust-belt America. Reg Stratton is a bouncer eking a life out in the decaying Wilds just outside of Detroit in a pseudo post-oil collapse. But when he gets sucked into a making a little money on the side by tasking out his time via an anonymous app, he finds himself in the middle of a riot that could change his life, the city, maybe even the world… as long as Reg keeps cool and makes the right choice. This novella was originally a part of the award nominated Metatropolis series, edited by John Scalzi and Jay Lake. Now on sale for the first time ever! "...a fascinating shared urban future..." -Booklist (on METAtropolis) "Each story shines... - Publishers Weekly (on METAtropolis) "Metatropolis is about as Green Punk as it can get..."