Bug Out! California Book 7: Citizens Awake

Bug Out! California Book 7: Citizens Awake
Author: Robert Boren
Goodreads Rating: 4.47
Pages: 259
Published: March 27th 2018 by South Bay Press

What would you do if the government took your liberty? California citizens labored under the cruel hand of the UN, brought in to enforce martial law as their Islamist henchmen terrorized the countryside.

Some citizens in the cities felt safer, free of the street violence and looting. Other citizens saw this for what it was. Globalist tyranny. In Bug Out! California Book 7, patriots are on the move, in San Diego County and in the Bay Area. In the south, the newly merged group plans an attack on the enemy base in Julian, but there are smaller battles to win first. Victories come at a high cost.

In the north, Ivan and Jules are planning a complex series of attacks, starting with the Mertins Electronics plant, but expanding quickly from there, new recruits being brought on daily. The enemy isn’t sitting on their hands, and battle the patriots at each opportunity, both sides losing key people. Bug Out! California Part 7 – Citizens Awake is an action-packed thrill ride, with battle after bloody battle. If you enjoy stories of bravery, determination, and the triumph of the human spirit, you’ll love this episode of the Bug Out! California saga. Buy your copy today!