The Eddie Malloy Collection

The Eddie Malloy Collection
Language English
Author: Richard Pitman
Series Eddie Malloy
Goodreads Rating: 4.07
Pages: 720
Published: July 1st 2013
Genre: Mystery

Amazon number 1 Best Seller in the Hard Boiled Mystery category Three novels, 210,000 words in one big book! These three books have earned dozens of Amazon 5 star reviews internationally. Many readers compare the stories favourably with the master of the genre, the late Dick Francis, a friend and mentor of the authors. Don't miss the chance to buy this book now during its July promotion. The print version sells at $34.99 Warned Off introduces Eddie Malloy, a young Irish steeplechase jockey who has been kicked up and down by life as much as by the half ton thoroughbreds he rides over fences at 35 MPH. Riding on England's many racetracks, Eddie's talent, raw courage and spirit pushes him right to the top to claim the Champion Jockey title at 21. Then he is falsely accused of helping dopers, and his riding licence is taken away. In Warned Off, Eddie's discovery of a murder victim in the racing town of Newmarket, gives him one chance to relaunch his career by single-handedly tracking down the killers. In Hunted, a lone killer is slaughtering jockeys with a terrifying zeal and purpose that mystifies the authorities and the police. There seems no pattern or motive to the murders, until Eddie gets to work on the case and discovers the killer's reasoning and his schedule. Eddie finds he is next on the list. In Blood Ties, Eddie has invested all he has in a stud farm run by an ex-jockey, Martin Corish. The story opens with Eddie taking a call from a blackmailer who claims the stud's star stallion is a ringer. He wants Eddie to stop horses from winning by riding to his instructions. Eddie discovers Corish has run out on him, and in his lone search for the blackmailer, Eddie finds his friend, a vet and amateur jockey, dead in highly suspicious circumstances.

Eddie's quest uncovers failing stallions in studs across England and mares unable to carry foals. Despite all the money the billionaire Arab stud owners throw at it, nobody can work out what is happening to Europe's best bloodstock. Eddie's determination to save his small stud finds him facing killers, blackmailers and the uncovering of a family secret that could kill his father. Warning: as some reviewers have said, you can easily become addicted to Eddie Malloy!