The Letter Sweater

The Letter Sweater
Language English
Author: Skip Crayton
Goodreads Rating: 3.51
Pages: 264
Genre: Fiction

Sandra Mercer moves back to her childhood home hoping to seek refuge from a better divorce and to conceal a painful secret.

She is shocked to find her youngest daughter, Carla, wearing the same letter sweater she wore when she was in high school--a gift from Carla's boy friend Kevin Dawson. The sweater originally belonged to Jack Dawson, Sandra's high school and college sweetheart. Sandra and Jack had planned to wed as soon as he'd completed his military service. But fate would have its own way for the two lovers and a "Dear John" letter from Sandra, delivered just weeks before Jack was to return home, ended the dream they both had shared. For thirty years their paths never crossed. Now in the autumn of their lives, Sandra discovers that Jack, a retired TV personality, has returned home to write a book.

She must now decide if she wants to deal with a love that has never gone away and a regret that that has punished her for a lifetime or to run away again.