Language English
ISBN13: 9780714834610
Author: Nancy Williams
Goodreads Rating: 3.75
ISBN10: 0714834610
Pages: 160
Published: September 21st 1995 by Phaidon Press
Genre: Design

Despite the growing importance of environmental issues, many graphic designers and printers remain unaware of the huge potential of paper.

This is the first book about paper to address the specific needs of the design and print industries, including advice on die-cutting, embossing, pop-up and sculptural effects, and a wealth of special printing techniques. Designed by the author's own award-winning company, Williams & Phoa, the book itself demonstrates a variety of these effects, with spot-varnished and die-cut pages and a unique paper cover.

Outstanding examples of international design illustrate the traditional craft skills of the graphic designer alongside the latest products of new technology. Paperwork received the prestigious Design and Art Directors' Association (D&AD) silver award in 1994 for the most outstanding complete book.