The Boathouse Murders

The Boathouse Murders
Language English
Author: Davyd Gosselin
Goodreads Rating: 3.83
Published: September 2013
Genre: Mystery

Professor Bevyn Jones ends up at a mystery retreat weekend in the country by a lake.

He barely has time to breathe the fresh morning air when a certain "Ladybug" sends him a text message, urging him to meet at the boathouse.

Upon his arrival, he finds the door open and a very dead body. Jones' entourage grows with Detective Jennifer Watson, posing as cocked and loaded Miss Scarlett; Bob, the smiling manager of the whole shebang; Chief Murphy, forced out of retirement and Detective Roy, a recalcitrant pain. As the number of suspects grows another body turns up dead. Bevyn probes deeper into the mansion's past. He visits his old martial arts teacher about the suspicious coincidence of an accidental death that took place in the same boathouse years before. Readers follow Jones down a bevy of dark corridors and through hidden doors one the trail of every clue. In a chandelier-lit ballroom full of suspects and law enforcement officials, Bevyn exposes the guilty and innocent. Just when the mystery appears to be solved, Bevyn follows up on one last loose end...