Doc in the Box

Doc in the Box
Language English
ISBN13: 9780440236207
Author: Elaine Viets
Series Francesca Vierling Mystery
Goodreads Rating: 3.78
ISBN10: 0440236207
Pages: 256
Published: July 11th 2000 by Dell
Genre: Mystery

Did the doctor's callous bedside manner give a patient the urge to kill? It takes a truly sneaky person to keep a secret in a newsroom. St. Louis City Gazette columnist Francesca Vierling is just the woman to do it-especially to help hide her editor's bout with breast cancer. Now she's surreptitiously shuttling the editor to chemotherapy while finishing a column on gorgeous male stripper Leo D. Nardo. And it's all going without a hitch. . . . Until Leo disappears and somebody starts shooting the worst doctors in St. Louis. The first M.D.

to go has a callous bedside manner that gives all his patients the urge to kill. The next victim is a master of misdiagnosis. As long as bad doctors are targets, the public isn't shedding a tear. But when Francesca herself is nearly gunned down, is it because she's hunting for Leo's hot body or a cold-blooded killer? Either way she has an adverse reaction to dying. The antidote?  Discover the truth . . .