Magic Within (Magic All Around)

Magic Within (Magic All Around)
Language English
Author: Marcy L. Peska
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Pages: 214
Published: November 20th 2013
Genre: Uncategorized

Vivian Marshall is feeling pressure from all sides. Should she explore her rediscovered magic and embrace the roles of wife and matriarch that she’s been prophesied to fulfill, or should she forsake her magic and return to the life she knows and loves, the simple life of an introverted artist? As Vivian navigates the choppy waters of her conflicted desires, she also finds herself at odds with her mother and trying to accommodate fifty houseguests and prospective in-laws while coming to terms with her heritage. Book 2 in the Magic All Around series, Magic Within brings you more Alaskan scenery, more weredogs, more Daisy the Pandora’s box, more Teak, and of course, more L.

J. and his pony-tailed Uncle Norm.