Poker's Postflop Course Part 1: The River

Poker's Postflop Course Part 1: The River
ISBN13: 9780984850310
Author: Owen Gaines
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
ISBN10: 0984850317
Pages: 269
Published: 2013 by
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"Owen Gaines has produced a truly unique and innovative poker course. He combines tons of in-depth, easy-to-digest examples with attractive charts and graphs that hammer the most critical concepts home. For my students, Poker's Postflop Course is now required reading." - Ed Miller Best-selling poker author and founder of "This book introduces a systematic analysis of explotive postflop no-limit hold'em. It guides the reader in a logical fashion, beginning with the simplest spots while introducing the theoretical framework, before building up to cover even the most intricate of situations. I eagerly await the continuation of this series!" - Philip Newall - Author of The Intelligent Poker Player Part 1 thoroughly dissects every conceivable action on the river.

Become an expert in river play using my methods and shortcuts. To sharpen your newfound skills, I include: • 90 Test Your Comprehension questions and answers • 39 Exercises involving 116 questions and answers • 30 Example Hands • 36 Your Turn situations with the author's explanations