Language English
ISBN13: 9780446958295
Author: Alan Dean Foster
Goodreads Rating: 3.52
ISBN10: 0446958298
Pages: 269
Published: December 31st 1981 by Warner Books (NY)
Genre: Science Fiction

In orbit out from Jupiter in view of its malignant red eye is OUTLAND.

Here on Io -- moon of Jupiter, hell in space -- men mine ore to satisfy the needs of Earth. They are hard men, loners for whom the Company provides the necessities: beds, food, drink and women for hire. Now, in apparent suicide or in frenzied madness, the men are dying... To OUTLAND comes the new U.S. Marshall O'Neil, a man with a sense of duty so strong it drives him to ferret out evil, greed and murder regard of the cost. If he must, he will forfeit love, livelihood -- even life itself.