Atalanta's Race: A Greek Myth

Atalanta's Race: A Greek Myth
Language English
ISBN13: 9780395673225
Author: Shirley Climo
Goodreads Rating: 3.92
ISBN10: 0395673224
Pages: 40
Published: April 24th 1995 by Clarion Books
Genre: Childrens

In ancient Greece, the gods control every life, from peasant to King. When newborn Princess Atalanta is left to die on a mountainside because her father wanted a son, the gods send a bear to care for her. Adopted by a woodsman, she grows into a great hunter and athlete, and is eventually reunited with her father, the King. But as she gets older, Atalanta has no use for the gods and gives them no credit. When she must run the most important race of her life, on which her future happiness rides, the gods intercede once more--and Atalanta learns they will not be ignored forever.