How God Created the Universe

How God Created the Universe
ISBN13: 9781524536916
Author: Charles Matthews
Goodreads Rating: 0.00
ISBN10: 1524536911
Pages: 52
Published: August 22nd 2016 by Xlibris
Genre: Nonfiction

What is the universe? What does that mean? I will try to explain to those persons who want to know. The universe is the large emptiness we see all around and parts we do not see yet.

It is easy for us to see through it and reach out, and we touch nothing. The universe does exist because there are things that we can touch and feel. There is space around everything; this empty space. It did not exist before any parts or trees, grass, animals, people, so there was emptiness. This is called es or ethrea and exists millions and billions of years ago. There was a super intelligent being, whom we call Jehovah, and Jehovah looked all over this empty space and found no other being or no other part or thing in this emptiness that exists.

He called it ethrea; he found nothing existed besides him. So he thought and thought for quite some time and decided he would create a being called animal, but there was nothing to be like him. "It does not need to look like me. Nothing can be like me. It must have a place to move and a part that helps it move. It must have legs and feet to touch something to move on." So Jehovah discovered that he could speak and lots of stuff would come into existence. "Now how can make this stuff form into balls, or better, I'll call it a planet or nebula.

If I make it go around like a whirlwind, it will come to a center." So he caused the stuff to go round and round, and he discovered it got hot with friction. When it cooled down, it became a large ball, and he called it the sun. Some of the spinning stuff became smaller balls, and he could call those the planets and the smaller ones as moons. There were so many of these planets and moons. What could he do with them? He could make grass and trees and animals and people that could be companions. It would take many years of experiments to do this, and he had so many planets to cause to grow and many years to make the animals able to talk, and they will need to be able to eat.