Language English
Author: Patrick Goodwin
Goodreads Rating: 3.91
Pages: 535
Published: January 27th 2016
Genre: Uncategorized

Expertly plotted, Intertwined is a sweeping adventure story full of twists and turns, psychological insight and wry humor. How could the lives of an obsessed serial killer, an idealistic U.


presidential candidate, and an innocent young boy meet in the cross-hairs? The answer is stunning. Memorable characters, crisp dialogue, and mounting intrigue draw the reader into a thrilling story that is almost impossible to put down. This amazing story begins with a young boy named Victor who is the unfortunate victim of a ruth out-of-control abuser, his own father. Riveting and real, we see Victor attempt to escape by turning inward and formulating his own revenge on a world that has him trapped. His eventual triumph is heart-rending and comes with a double-edged sword. We are next introduced to an exceptional American with a plan to rescue the economy and return to the values upon which our country is founded. He has been bed, having made a fortune in the financial arena, but he understands that opportunity must be foundational and widespread. Tom Williams is truly a candidate to cheer for, but will voters go with someone who asks for sacrifice in the name of the common good? Skeeter is a happy-go-lucky youngster who, out of the blue, suffers a devastating loss. He is stunned by it initially, but through bravery and sheer perseverance, he recovers remarkably and embarks—much like a modern-day Tom Sawyer—on the adventure of a lifetime. Intertwined is the complex, riveting story of how these three individuals’ lives become entangled. At times almost unbearably suspenseful, the story is a powerful look at love, fate and the consequences of individual choice.