John Riley's Girl

John Riley's Girl
Language English
ISBN13: 9780373711987
Author: Inglath Cooper
Goodreads Rating: 4.29
ISBN10: 0373711980
Pages: 304
Published: April 2004 by Harlequin
Genre: Romance

Are you brave enough to attend? When Olivia Ashford first receives the invitation to her high school reunion, she dismisses it. After all, she’d left Summerville — and John Riley — and never looked back. But her life now seems incomplete, and she begins to wonder if she’s ever really moved on. In order to lay some ghosts to rest, Olivia goes home. She rediscovers friendships, visits old hangouts and comes face-to-face with John. She remembers how much she once loved him, how safe he made her feel, how he was always there for her — except for the one time she needed him most.