Clean Home: A 21 Day Step-By-Step Guide To Efficiently Clean, Declutter, and Organize Your Home in Less Time

Clean Home: A 21 Day Step-By-Step Guide To Efficiently Clean, Declutter, and Organize Your Home in Less Time
Language English
Author: Suzanne Sims
Goodreads Rating: 3.86
Pages: 117
Genre: Nonfiction

---------------Clean, Declutter, and Organize Your Home in Time--------------- It’s something that we all dread, but cleaning and tidying your home can have a profoundly positive effect on your life. These days we’re all very busy with our work, family and social lives. Often we find ourselves with no spare time to spend on these important chores.

This book breaks down the tasks needed to give your home an overhaul and guides you by the hand with step-by-step instructions.

It also provides you with some great tips and shortcuts so that you can achieve great results with the limited free time you have. A 21 Day Step-By-Step Guide To Clean Home The book begins by examining the reasons many of us fail to keep our homes as clean as we’d like them to be. Plus the benefits of a clean and tidy home are looked at in detail. Both of these sections will help you form a mindset to getting things done. This invaluable motivation not only gets you over the first hurdle of taking action, but keeps your enthusiasm high so that you can see it through to the end. The actual cleaning tasks are arranged by days, divided into three weeks. Each day focuses on a specific room of the house, or a specific type of cleaning. This book provided the basic and complete information about house cleaning. The book covers the following topics: • Reasons you need a clean home • Reasons we fail to keep things clean and tidy • Hired Help – pros and cons • Timing preparation • Core cleaning tasks preparation • Making strategic plans • Cleaning product preparation • Your 21-Days to a clean home (step by step guide) • Special Considerations – communal areas, pets, smokers • Additional tips to keep things look great • Safety and environment Week One covers the core living areas of the home Week One covers the core living areas of the home, such as the bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living room. You’ll be able to see a transformation quickly as the rooms you spend the most time in are sorted out.

Week Two covers Storage & outdoor Areas In Week Two, we turn to the rest of the rooms in the home, particularly those that can easily become cluttered, such as basements, attics and garages. We also look at outdoor areas, an important part to completing the overall uncluttered effect. Week Three covers Deep Cleaning Areas and Stuff Finally, in Week Three we look at some specific cleaning challenges, such as appliances, electricals, floors and carpets, windows and mirrors, etc. By the end of this week you’re whole home and its contents will be tidy and clean for the whole household to enjoy.