My Stepbrother the Teacher: Complete Box Set

My Stepbrother the Teacher: Complete Box Set
Language English
Author: Cindy Wilder
Series My Stepbrother the Teacher
Goodreads Rating: 4.15
Pages: 144
Published: June 15th 2015
Genre: Adult

Warning: This story contains content which is intended for readers over the age of 18. Part 1 - I had just turned eighteen and graduation was only a few weeks before. We were in the home stretch.

It was so close I could feel it. My mom had been on my back for four long years to be the perfect daughter and student. It was my job to make her proud. That's what she always told me anyway. It was Friday night, and my mom was out with her new man. My friend Sally called to see if I wanted to go to a party with her. She knew I was going to say no, and I knew she didn't want to go alone. I had never been to party before. My mom never allowed it, and I could never get away from her long enough to go. I could get home before she did.

What would one party hurt anyway, right? When we pulled up to a frat house at the college I was going to attend the following year, I was upset. She had let me believe it was a high school party we were going to. I should have known better. She ditched me as soon as we got there.

I really wasn't surprised. What the heck was I going to do, I wondered? I went outside and found a place to sit.

It was nice out and the stars were sparkling in the sky. All I could think about was my mom. She spent every moment of my life telling me what to do, but when I voiced my opinion on one thing I felt strongly about, she wouldn't even listen. When an extremely gorgeous guy walked up to talk to me and shivers ran through my body, I decided that Sally was right. I deserved one fun night before graduation. It was time to enjoy myself for a change. I was never going to see him again. What could one night hurt anyway? It didn't take long before I found out how wrong I was. Part 2 - That one night came back to bite me hard. When I looked up to find the man I couldn't get out of my mind teaching my class, I knew I was screwed. He called me out in front of the entire room of students and requested that I stay after. I couldn't believe my eyes. How could he be a teacher? It wasn't possible. He was just some sexy guy from a frat party only months before. I knew if I avoided him everything would be just fine. A few months were all I needed. The class would be over, and I could make sure never to see him again. Everything was going well until my mom dropped a bomb on me while I was sitting alone in a coffee shop. She was marrying the man she had been dating for than six months. My presence was required at the wedding. She needed her friends to see a happy family. It was far from the truth. I hung up the phone with tears falling from my eyes. The one person standing there when I lost it was the one person I needed to stay away from. He ended up being the one person I needed most.

Just when I thought that everything was going to be okay, my world came crashing down around me. Part 3 - When I opened my eyes, I couldn't believe who I saw standing on the other side of the room. Just when everything seemed to be going my way, it was all taken away. The man of my dreams was going to be my stepbrother. He was right there, but I couldn't go to him. My mother would have lost it if she knew the truth about us. With the clock spinning faster than ever, I wanted every possible moment with him before our parents' wedding. We were both in a bad situation and needed to get away. My mother was marrying a man she hadn't known long and only a year after my dad's passing. His dad hadn't even told him about the wedding or the bride. We decided to spend the last of our time together before portraying a happy family.