Jigoku no Enra, Vol. 4

Jigoku no Enra, Vol. 4
Language English
Author: Shimada Chie
Series Jigoku no Enra
Goodreads Rating: 3.91
Published: Published
Genre: Sequential Art

Sixteen-year-old Komachi Takamura is the daughter of a lawyer and a public prosecutor, which makes her a die-hard enthusiast about the law. Komachi does everything by the book and tries her best to help others, whether they ask for it or not. Her high school was perfect until she was branded a future offender by the youngest son of Enma (Yama), Enra from Hell. Who is this Enra and how will Komachi prove herself innocent if she doesn't even know what she did wrong? Only time will tell in the amazing manga Jigoku no Enra.