Something In The Water

Something In The Water
Author: A.J. Brahms
Series Cast in Shadow
Goodreads Rating: 4.60
Pages: 203
Published: March 27th 2017 by Caldwell Press
Genre: Fantasy

My black market blood dealer, Emmet Carson, is dead. So are three other people, all found in Lake Lanier.

No one had to hire me to unravel this mystery.

This was personal. Or it was, before the Head of the Talmadge Family, Jedediah, requested my presence once again. This time a magic cup is missing, stolen out of the New York safe house, a place that holds Night Walker artifacts. It was stolen by another Ghoul, and Jedediah wants me to find it. After all, she and I were in the same club of previously owned humans. Throw in a Vampiric Countess, a sleeping Ancient and a myth even I didn't believe existed, not to mention, there is something in the water...