Silo 40: The First Trilogy

Silo 40: The First Trilogy
Language English
Author: T.A. Walters
Series Silo 40
Goodreads Rating: 3.38
Pages: 219
Published: April 24th 2014 by Kindle Worlds
Genre: Uncategorized

This is a trilogy containing the first three episodes of Silo 40 by T.A. Walters. Those titles are: Silo 40 (The Beginning) Silo 39 (The Aftermath) Silo 40 (The Early Days) Episode 3)) The trilogy begins with the final construction of the silos, the setup and loading of supplies including animals.

Witness the National Convention through a different point of view and become part of a team that supported the affairs of Silo 40. Find out who were the first IT Heads that set the stage for their prospective silo. Delve into the mind of Senator Thurman as he puts his silo staff together two years before the first silo was in its groundbreaking stage. Ponder the mind of a man who could pull off a plan using a united world defense system to end all mankind exclusively at his own command. Brace yourself for a fast pace struggle to survive in a silosphere set for destruction.