Beyond the Dark Edge of the Woods

Beyond the Dark Edge of the Woods
Language English
ISBN13: 9781453621561
Author: Linda Regula
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN10: 1453621563
Pages: 368
Published: July 7th 2010 by Createspace
Genre: Uncategorized

After her family inherits Mist House, Micah Grant learns she is a direct descendant of Beldon Cooper, the ancestor whose secret pact with a Moon Sorceress has predestined Micah to become the next Gazer. Given the gift of touch during a moon ritual, Micah is unaware the handsome boy she sees and interacts with in woods surrounding the mansion is an image projected into her mind by a dark creature trapped within an ancient oak.

Held captive by a two-hundred-year old curse, Seth Knight, and his spellbound family have been transformed into shadowy creatures possessing the ability to enter a human's mind.