Wicked Sex Island

Wicked Sex Island
Author: Zoe Jasmine
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: September 23rd 2014 by Smashwords Edition
Genre: Uncategorized

She was looking for adventure and a more exciting kind of male companion. She thought she saw such a male in Paul Lagarde, who had a reputation as one of the world's greatest lovers. Unfortunately for Penny, what Paul really turned out to be was a manipulative man.

Penny finds herself hypnotized by Paul and intrigued by his intersexual theories after one unforesightful visit to his domicile. She accepts his invitation to pass the weekend on his island and discovers it's a "unisexual heaven" where every identify of sex activity is carried out by those who happen to be on the justness itemise. There are two categories of grouping on the island: Paul's invited guests, and his sex subjects. The guests countenance profession, wealthy women, politicians and important men and women from all walks of invigoration. The sex subjects are primarily his trainees or graduates from his sex school. There are also others who are involved to pay old debts they owe Paul-in numerous cases via their children. The guests are spoiled by the subjects, humoring in and acting out every sexy fancy a visitor may enjoy. Penny herself is put in the unscheduled family of circumscribed visitant, since she is kept for a indication from having sex with any of the masculine subjects.

Paul has another things in design for her, and it is exclusive gradually that she learns what they are. The printer, of way, module get sensitive before Penny does that she is existence manipulated, upright suchlike the added guests.

Few of them never do inform that Paul is a employer narcissist that they are being manipulated right as more his subjects are. That is Paul's alive surreptitious, the one he must protect at all costs.