The Indigo Ribbon: where beauty & brutality meet (Chrome & Indigo Book 1)

The Indigo Ribbon: where beauty & brutality meet (Chrome & Indigo Book 1)
Author: Jillian James
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Pages: 217
Published: February 11th 2017 by Jillian James Erotic Novels

This world is full of secrets, lies, hidden agendas, and illusions. We all have things that we hide in closets, faces that we hide behind masks, and desires that we conceal from society. We are sexual creatures bound by the restraints of a social norms, taunted by the morally unattainable, and repressed by a so called sexual decency. What if I told you that there was a secret society of men and women in this world that rebel against societal sexual restraints. A society of people who embrace their primal nature, they strive for success to only satisfy their most taboo desires. It is an old society that encourages sexual deviance, imagination, power, and sexual exploitation. And once in, you can never leave. Welcome to The Society of the Associazione Indaco, Welcome to my world. It is a world you are either born or bled into. A world that you are bound to by desire, pleasure, and pain. It is a world of dominance and submission. My name is of no importance to you. In my world, unlike yours, anonymity is essential to my comfort and my quality of life. But you may call me della. In Italian della means “of the”. I am a slave “of the” Associazione Indaco, property “of the” Master., and pleasure “of the” flesh. I have given up my freewill, my mind, my body, and my freedom to the pleasures of the men and women that own me. In return, I benefit from the luxuries of their wealth, the comforts of their homes, and the knowledge that keeps them rich with power and prosperity. As long as I am obedient and they derive pleasure from me, I have security, I am safe, and I will one day be the Master of my own sexual empire. And if not, I am no more than a commodity that is traded in a world where wealthy men buy and sell their hearts desire.