The Tide of Destiny

The Tide of Destiny
Language English
Author: Shanna Murchison
Series The Druids of Destiny Series
Goodreads Rating: 3.92
Pages: 428
Published: December 27th 2011 by HerStory Books,; 2nd edition (December 27, 2011)
Genre: Historical

Book 1 of The Druids of Destiny Shanna Murchison Northern Wales, 1145 Angharad of Meriel seeks to escape from an enforced marriage to a vicious neighboring landlord. Instead of gaining her freedom, she is taken captive by Rhys, the Silver Wolf. Rhys, a powerful Welsh warrior, is determined to avenge his family and end the rebellion which has broken out against Owain, the prince of Merionedd, led by the prince's own brother Cadwalader. Angharad can see that the tide of her destiny has turned, and she must choose sides in the war to come. She determines to live by her sword with Rhys' rapidly dwindling band of increasingly desperate warriors. When Cadwalader takes the ultimate gamble and invites Danish mercenaries from Dublin to invade Wales, Angharad and Rhys discover the druidic powers within them that they have always possessed but tried to suppress. Only their daring to trust to love and their remarkable supernatural abilities can prevent their whole world from being destroyed.

As Cadwalader's Viking band bring nothing but death and destruction, all Rhys and Angharad have to cling to is their tempestuous love. Will it too prove to be another casualty of war? An excerpt from Tide of Destiny: "Please, Sir, we haven't time! The woods are crawling with Emlyn's warriors and robbers and-" "Aye, the brigand called The Silver Wolf," he said with a sneer, his strange cold eyes never leaving her face. "Was that rambling piece of lunacy the best tale you could come up with? I've never heard such a parcel of nonsense." Angharad took in his than immaculate dark clothing, and decided to keep the man talking in the hope that she could give him the slip. He wasn't one of Emlyn's men, nor a Black Boar, but that didn't mean he was any of a threat. She couldn't afford any delay on her urgent quest to help Prince Owain. And didn't dare risk testing his loyalty as a potential ally by telling him the whole truth. Yet still, he seemed intelligent, not completely law... "I assure you, every word of those stories was recounted to me by Prince Cadwalader himself at dinner last night," she said, her eyes never leaving his handsome face as she gauged his response to her name-dropping. Angharad never saw a man change so rapidly. He grabbed her shoulder hard, fury etched in every line of his finely boned cheeks and broad jaw. "Cadwalader's here?" he growled, the words coming from deep in his belly causing her own to quiver. "Where?" Angharad had tried to keep command of the situation with the raven-haired man through bluster and bravado, but the sudden shift in his emotions truly terrified her. She stared up into his odd blue eyes, so like quicksilver, changing from one strange hue to the next in the span of a blink. Silver. "Oh my God," she gasped, staring up into his face. His lips thinned to a bitter smile. "Not quite.

But I'm said to be the very Devil when crossed." He grabbed her bridle and shoved his stallion closer, trapping her against a tree trunk with his mount and own huge body. "So if you value your soul, Madam, tell me who you are and why you're spying on me, or not even the good Lord will be able to save you." The Tide Of Destiny by Shanna Murchison Word Count: 115,000 380 8.

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