Living Your Potential: A Journey, Not a Destination

Living Your Potential: A Journey, Not  a Destination
Author: Alexi E. George
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: February 12th 2014 by BookBaby
Genre: Self Help

Have you wondered where your life is headed? You worked hard and invested your most productive years hoping to reach your potential or a particular goal. But your life seems to be going nowhere. The years pass by, and you leave behind lots of unfinished goals and unfulfilled dreams. Some who are younger have already begun to see doors close right in front of you. You had clear goals for your life, but after several missed opportunities and failures, you are doubtful about ever reaching your goals.

You were taught that if you worked hard and gave it your all, you'll accomplish much. But for you, that just does not seem to be the reality. This book is for those who worked hard to reach your potential, but life has disappointed you. You look back and wonder if it was all worth the effort. Then you look forward and contemplate about the future and wonder if more disappointments are up ahead. Together we'll look at how you can live your potential.