Starchild: The City of Souls

Starchild: The City of Souls
Language English
ISBN13: 9781922200129
Author: Vacen Taylor
Series Starchild
Goodreads Rating: 4.79
ISBN10: 1922200123
Pages: 160
Published: October 14th 2013 by Odyssey Books
Genre: Fantasy

In The Age of Akra, a pilgrimage to the Valley of a Thousand Thoughts brings together four children as an ancient prophecy is set in motion.

Having triumphed against dangerous adversaries, Mai, Long, Akra and Sahib are now pursued by the melkarie and must escape to the City of Souls. In the land of Naroan, in a city hidden under a blanket of living green, they are confronted with the challenge to find the Singing Soul. But the underworld has other plans, and a beast so fierce is conjured to stop the children from finding anything that will add to the power to the prophecy of the seven nations.