Eyes Like Mine

Eyes Like Mine
Language English
ISBN13: 9781598116250
Author: Julie Wright
Goodreads Rating: 3.68
ISBN10: 1598116258
Pages: 288
Published: July 4th 2009 by Covenant COmmunications
Genre: Lds

PEyes Like Mine Julie Wright A story of family that transcends time William has been missing for two days. And even though the rest of the wagon company has decided they must continue on to Zion, Constance Brown refuses to go any further until she finds her husband. All she can think about is the last time she saw him#151;he lovingly touched her face and then sang their baby girl to sleep. Will that memory be all Constance has to hold on to? In a future time and place, Liz King is a teenager struggling with her identity in the modern world. The embarrassment she feels because of her parents' divorce and her family's newfound financial problems turns to bitterness. Through an inexplicable twist of fate, Constance and Liz are brought face to face.

Liz recognizes Constance's name from her mother's end lectures on their family history, and she also recognizes her eyes#151;they are exactly like her own.

Were these distant relatives brought together in order to help each other? Will Constance be able to return to her own life and find William, and will Liz be able to keep from telling Constance how her story ends? In this irresistible novel filled with gripping adventure and heartfelt emotion, two young women from drastically different times and settings learn that the challenges life holds for them are not so different after all.