Taken by Highland Outlaws

Taken by Highland Outlaws
Language English
Author: Aphrodisiac Publishing
Goodreads Rating: 4.25
Pages: 916
Published: February 2nd 2016
Genre: Uncategorized

Enjoy 16,000 plus words of intense Scottish Romance and get two books for the price of one! This Highland Romance bundle will capture your heart! A STEAMY 20 BOOK ROMANCE COLLECTION IS INCLUDED INSIDE FOR A LIMITED TIME! The Highlander's Surrender Bride "I am Abigail Cecilia Dubois Castlerey, and I am here to marry the Black Lord.” Of course, she never meant to blurt out a proposal like that, well, honestly Abigail hadn’t meant to propose at all. She was perfectly content to spend her days as a spinster firmly on the shelf as they said in London.

But Scotland has different rules altogether and when she’s betrothed to the notorious Black Lord of Scotland as a girl too young to understand, she takes it as a bing as she gets older and still receives no word from him. That all changes after her father’s death leaves her all alone in the world, with the exception of her dastardly uncle. Thick in gambling debts he concocts a scheme to offer her hand in marriage to an equally despicable man in exchange for forgiveness of the money he owes. Upon learning of this, Abigail decides to take her life into her own hands and make good on the marriage arranged between her and Aryen MacCalium aka the Black Lord. She soon discovers that his reputation doesn’t live up to the man he really is but that doesn’t mean her heart is safe, actually, just the opposite. Taken by the Highlander Two hearts thrown together by fate… Lena Eonan grew up on tales of the monster Acair, his treachery and dishonesty legend amongst her people. A story that had been repeated for generations until all that was left was the myth, and the feud. Ages old and still burning, but not for Lena.

…A love that never should have been. After the tragic death of his father, Caelin finds himself the new leader and lord of clan Acair, but his father’s legacy of bloodshed and madness is the last thing he wants. Desperate to find a way to rule his people, the last thing he needs is a distraction, and there is nothing more of a distraction than Lena Eonan, standing in front of his doors, telling him that he kidnapped her father and demanding his return. A love that would save them both. Little do both of them know that there is more at stake than Lena’s father or Caelin’s own kingdom, but their hearts as well. As they come to know each other, the hundred year old feud begins to die and hope for a new future, a better future, emerges. KINDLE UNLIMITED MEMBERS READ FOR FREE!