Sierra Court Blues -A Novel

Sierra Court Blues -A Novel
ISBN13: 9780983535621
Author: Lawrence Parlier
Goodreads Rating: 4.57
ISBN10: 0983535620
Pages: 316
Published: June 9th 2013 by Hawkins Publishing Group, LLC
Genre: Uncategorized

"Sierra Court Blues" transports the reader on a mind-bending adventure with the main character Bo Kineally, a young father and husband with dreams of becoming a nationally known star from the backwoods of Bethel, Ohio. Can Bo strike a balance between his responsibilities and desires as both sides vie for his attention? "Sierra Court Blues" leaves nothing to the imagination with gripping characters, dysfunctional band members, roller-coaster drama, heart wrenching relationships, betrayal, and intricate family dynamics. The novel is sure to be a page turner for metal music enthusiasts everywhere.