Graven Images

Graven Images
Language English
ISBN13: 9780980657012
Author: Ray Norris
Goodreads Rating: 3.95
ISBN10: 0980657016
Pages: 326
Published: April 30th 2011 by Emu Dreaming Publications
Genre: Religion

2005 - the year of the London tube bombings. Within the gentle ranks of the Pagan movement lurks a sinister group that uses scaremongering and terrorism to restore witchcraft as Britain’s primary religion. A young Cambridge biologist, Owen, penetrates their cabal while seeking to avenge the death of his archaeologist girlfriend, whom he believes was killed to halt her research into Bronze-Age stone circles. Owen dismisses beliefs in Wicca and witchcraft as superstition, but applies his scientific reasoning to decode ancient legends, and discovers a secret that will transform modern religion. After being drawn into a terrorist plot, he finds himself sliding helply from respected academic to hunted criminal, out of his depth in lies and intrigue. Graven Images draws connections between the byways of historical fact, University politics, and contemporary culture.

It's a provocative adventure whose nail-biting tension is lightened by moments of comedy, leaving you wondering how much of this is really fiction. More info on www.