Author: Patrick Broe
Goodreads Rating: 4.67
Pages: 63
Published: December 17th 2017

This book is about the vital role that relationships play in our lives. We are hard wired to seek, establish and build relationships and this begins even before we have an awareness of ourselves. The most important relationship is the one we have with our "self". If we are unable to accept, forgive, empathise or empower ourselves then we cannot share these gifts, or ourselves with others. When we discover who we are and why we think and feel in the ways that we do, we become more open to experiencing others.

We can feel what others feel and make ourselves felt. Throughout our lives we can change and grow from who we are into who we want to be.

Relationship is both the lens that we experience life through and our common language. We cannot survive and thrive in isolation, relationships really are us. Throughout the book I share my own and others experiences, dealing with issues of bullying, addiction, loss and grief, recovery, motivation and hope.

Life can be a challenging and frightening journey but we don't have to make it alone.