Captive Threat (The Wade Hanna Series Book 5)

Captive Threat (The Wade Hanna Series Book 5)
Language English
Author: Joseph D'Antoni
Goodreads Rating: 4.71
Pages: 389
Published: October 10th 2016 by Royal Oak Press
Genre: Uncategorized

Award-winning author Joseph D’Antoni continues his Wade Hanna pulse-pounding, black-ops mystery series.

As the Vietnam War concludes an MIT professor, contracted to the NSA, leaks U.S. military secrets to the world. He is now America’s #1 traitor. Abducted by Soviet agents, he and his family are traded to North Vietnam. Wade Hanna’s partner and lover, Megan Winslow, is forced into a witness protection program run by Army Intelligence. Haunted by PTSD flashbacks of her last mission Megan discovers she is being used as “bait” for another covert operation. Escaping the witness protection program Megan finds sanctuary with Wade in the deep swamps of Louisiana. Wade is selected to head the mission to capture or terminate the #1 American traitor. To avoid being left behind in the swamp Megan must convince Wade she is fit for the new mission. Wade’s covert intelligence team infiltrates the guarded jungle monastery where the professor is being held only to find their team is vastly outnumbered and outgunned by the opposition. Planned extraction of the target becomes impossible as Wade’s team faces imminent termination of the entire squad.