Wild Hearts - Complete Series

Wild Hearts - Complete Series
Author: Lucia Jordan
Goodreads Rating: 4.73
Pages: 128
Published: January 17th 2018

Marti has one dream and one dream only, but when it rains . . . It pours. Marti wants to restore her beloved ranch to all its former glory. However, nothing in her life has ever been easy. From losing her mother when she was young, to losing her husband a year ago. Her world has been turned upside down as she struggles to save her ranch, her life, and her heart. Everything is feeling hope until he shows up. He’s a blue-eyed drifter that makes her heart speed up, her breathing stop, and her brain liquefy. The last thing Marti needs in her life is a man that torments her dreams and waking moments. Or, maybe, that’s exactly what she needs. One way or the other, this mysterious man means trouble.

The only problem is, she’s not exactly sure what kind of trouble that is!