Catullus' Poem on Attis: Text and Contexts

Catullus' Poem on Attis: Text and Contexts
Language English
ISBN13: 9789004141322
Author: Ruurd R. Nauta
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN10: 9004141324
Pages: 157
Published: November 15th 2004 by Brill Academic Publishers
Genre: Poetry

Catullus 63, the poem on Attis self-castration, regret, and final subjection to the goddess Cybele, has been called the most remarkable poetical creation in the Latin language . Scholarly debate has focused on the poem s relationship to the myths and cults of Attis and Cybele, its dependence on Hellenistic models, its meanings for a Roman audience, and its unusual language and metre. In the present volume these questions are being addressed by a team of specialists in religious history, Hellenistic poetry, Roman poetry and culture, and Latin linguistics. The volume not only sheds much new light on a fascinating poem, it also demonstrates how the various disciplines of Classics may cooperate towards a better understanding of ancient culture. The contents of this volume also appear in Mnemosyne, 57,5. (2004), as a special issue on Catullus."